This was written for a group of dancers in Tokyo who were performing in the middle of a cherry blossom festival in the spring. The location of the event was set in a park under large trees and Mt. Fuji could be seen in the distance.

This is the music from a story set in Bangladesh. The boy finds himself magically transported to a more ideal Tokyo where tradition and western architecture/life meet in a more cohesive way. The music represents this by maintaining the traditional scales in the Koto, while the guitar plays a Western comp.

This is the full soundcloud release of my project named: Sleepy Tokyo, Dark Circles. It comes from watching a city filled with business men and women who look exhausted. The songs follow an ordinary night going from the office, to a bar, stumbling home, sleeping a few hours then going back to the office to repeat the same thing again. I’ve experienced it first hand, and this is what it sounds like.