Universal Audio Apollo 8 review

Universal Audio Apollo 8 review

Considering the UAD Apollo for your step up in the music world? Maybe you’re looking at the Apogee Quartet or a MOTU 828x or something by Focusrite?  The later is all amazing and wonderful hardware options, but the flexibility and sound quality of the Apollo unity preamps, paired with a preamp emulation is worth the extra $1k in price alone.  If you get the aforementioned hardware, you don’t get the hands on, audibly inspiring sounds of the onboard DSP processing powered UAD plugins.

Have you recorded something with a cheap mic through your computer or I/O and think, not the best sound I can get, but I’ll fix it later…Then when later comes, you sit their trying all the different EQs and compressors out there, not sure what the best combination is…then suddenly you have 7 plugins on a track bogging down your computer?

Well those days are done.  You now have the option to commit early on and be happy with the results using the UAD  Console software for the Apollo.  Hands down the coolest mixer around.  PLUS! The Apollo comes with 4 unity preamps that can emulate, a Neve 1073 and 88RS, the API vision strip, and the vintage UA 610.

The image below shows someone using the API Vision Strip in their first channel with a Studer tape machine inline.  Gotta try that tape machine!


After working for people with real vintage Neve 1073 and API channel strips, I started to realize how important and game changing a solid signal chain is!  Imagine what a bass sounds like through a real vintage neve 1073 pre into a grey vintage LA2A or 1176 compressor.

Or maybe you don’t know what all that means, but would like to find out without having to book studio time at Capital Records….  The Apollo can emulate all of these things with the UAD plugins  on the unity pres and inline, THEN! You can record the results exactly as they sound into your DAW.   The DSP is all handled by the duo/quad core processors on the Apollo.


Check out all the I/O options.  Plenty of channels for medium professional recording studios to small apartment studios.


I look forward to the day I can expand and utilize those ADAT Optical ports for another 16 channels of input.   Slick!

Composer and producer Michael Lloyd told me that he’s considered buying a couple Apollo 8pre with the 8 unity preamps, just so he could see how close the UA610 preamp results would come to his sonic experience with the real thing in the 1960’s.

All in all, the UAD Apollo 8 is just amazing.   Buy one…or two.  One of the coolest and inspiring additions I’ve ever made to my little home studio. Big thanks to UAD for the amazing product and improvement in my workflow! Writing, mixing and recording has never been more exciting!